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A little background information

Disappointed by the panoply of leisure concepts and activities in Switzerland, the multitude of books and booklets unlikely and especially untransportable to discover new experiences, two entrepreneur friends joined their experience and their qualities to create a new concept with the advantages of what already exists and many other original elements to simplify the Discovery!

The Discover-Pass concept was born: a member benefit and discovery pass with which everyone really wins:

  • You - The goal being to make you discover more and more, Discover-Pass gives you really interesting discounts on a wide range of activities (compared to other systems offering 10% discounts...Discover-Pass discounts range from 30% to 50%). What's more, the discounts are applied to the real prices, not to overpriced offers. If you like to move around and have a choice, Discover-Pass will provide you with great deals in Switzerland!
  • The partners - personally selected, they not only gain new customers but also thanks to the internet they are free to choose and change their offers at any time. Thanks to this, you will have an excellent reception all year long, because they can adapt the offers and discounts, according to high or low season for example, contrary to paper systems where the offer is not adaptable.

Our commitment

We like to discover - but without breaking the bank. That's why we created Discover-Pass, so that you can benefit from the largest discount offer in Switzerland, and already in other countries, on a whole range of services in the region of your choice.

We personally select the best establishments and we regularly add new partners so that you can discover even more!

Our partners offer you a unique welcome and personal advice to make your experience exceptional.

Now you know everything... well almost everything. The rest you will discover with Discover-Pass and its good plans in Switzerland!

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